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20th Anniversary Year of Seattle Center Festál Celebrates

Rich and Varied Cultures of our Region

In 2017, Seattle Center Festál celebrates 20 years of global music, dance, art, crafts, history, food and insight presented through a unique partnership among community organizations on weekends throughout the year.  This illuminating series of 24 ethnic cultural festivals seeks to connect people in ways that build understanding, dispel stereotypes and generate pride among the generations who participate in these shared experiences.

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The 20th anniversary year celebrates the fact that we are a nation of immigrant, indigenous and ethnic cultures. These groups contribute in many and meaningful ways to the character of the Pacific Northwest. Festál provides a stage and platform for their traditions, accomplishments and artistic expression. The series forms the bedrock of the free, public programming at Seattle Center, captivating and enlightening festival-goers as they experience the distinct cultures that shape the course of our broader community.

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